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Arise! Reclaim Your Light and Become the Woman You Were Destined to Be!



HI, I'm Tamera J.

I Am not my Sister's keeper, I AM my Sister!

Feeling dimmed by past experiences? I get it. As a holistic EMDR therapist, I help women like you reclaim their light.

For over a decade, I've witnessed the sacred transformations that therapy can bring to a woman's life. EMDR, is an incredible pathway to healing, growth and thriving in life. It helps you process and breakthrough old burdens and empowers you to rediscover your light & your voice!

Therapy isn't about fixing you, it's about connection. Let's ditch judgment and tap into compassion. I'll share my story to guide you.

You are not alone. I'm here to walk beside you and witness your journey back to the radiant woman you were meant to be. Let's shine together.

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I Connect Deeply with Clients Who:

Are ready to step onto their journey of healing, growth and inner transformation!

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery: 

They're curious and creative, yearning to understand themselves and the world around them on a deeper level.

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Embrace a holistic view of healing: 


They recognize how past experiences impact the whole person ‚Äď heart, mind, body, spirit, and soul.


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Long for deeper connection:

¬†They're drawn to reflecting on their life experiences to foster deeper healing and connection ‚Äď both within themselves and with loved ones.

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Why Choose Arise Psychotherapy & Coaching Services, PLLC


  • Trauma, loss, or significant life changes can leave us feeling broken and overwhelmed. The pain of the past can seem all-consuming, each memory a sharp shard piercing through our present. But healing is possible.
  • There's hope in the healing process. Together, we can gently explore those painful pieces, allowing them to integrate into a new, more expansive picture. Your old self may not return, but a stronger, more resilient you can emerge.
  • Therapy isn't about erasing the pain; it's about transforming it. It's about shifting your perspective to see new patterns and possibilities, creating a beautiful mosaic from what once felt broken. Let's work together to turn your pain into a catalyst for growth, excitement, and a life filled with newfound meaning.

My Training & Education

"As a holistic EMDR therapist, I believe that investing in my own healing and growth is essential to providing the highest quality care for my clients. My personal journey fuels my passion for empowering others to heal and transform their lives."


  • Master‚Äôs of Counseling,¬†Wayland Baptist University

  • Licensed Professional Counselor,¬†Texas


  • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) - EMDRIA Certified Therapist & Consultant in Training

  • Training in Internal Family Systems (IFS)¬†

  • Training in Cognitive Processing Therapy

  • Certified Life & Business Coach, Universal Coach Instittute


The EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) is a professional association dedicated to advancing the practice and research of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. As the leading organization in the field, EMDRIA provides a platform for collaboration, education, and advocacy for EMDR therapists and practitioners worldwide.


"I believe that the healing journey is sacred. I take a holistic, client-centered, collaborative, strengths-based, and compassionate approach to the therapy journey."

Ready to Unearth your Inner Strength and Resilience?

 I'm here to walk alongside you on this healing journey. Together, we can navigate the complexities of your experience with compassion and understanding. Let's create a safe space where you can explore your emotions, rediscover your joy, and embrace your authentic self.

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